2002-07-07 20:13:05 ET

*shakes fist*

my fekkin piercing is infected AGAIN.


this is geigh.

i shall go get meds to fix it up tommorow.


its over a year old and kept very clean.


2002-07-07 20:21:54 ET


2002-07-07 21:13:29 ET


2002-07-07 21:41:39 ET

what piercing?

2002-07-07 21:53:15 ET



hunnny it hurtz sooo much.

2002-07-07 21:58:55 ET

no fucking kidding....my industrial is infected too..but i've only had it for 2 or 3 weeks now....i try to clean it but it gets crusty all the damn time...so when i turn it, it hurts like a bitch...but man o man...i love the piercing =) so much pain. ahhh.

2002-07-07 22:07:41 ET




yeh i have had mine since dec 2001.

if it gets really bad go to the doc or the piercer who did it.

a friend of mine got mad crazeee sick and had to get surgery.

i dunno why.

i think her ear absessed or something.

2002-07-07 22:11:38 ET

yea i try not too i try and go clean it as much as i can..but something i guess i dont clean it good enough...its not bad...so far so good...and my friend that got her's her is good too...right now i have an ear inffection...but its a regular old one..like water in my ears from swimming and shit...and my mom has some really really good medicine that she gave me from mexico and it helps so i dont get any inffections...including my piercings...see look heres a pic of mine i just took..so far it looks ok

2002-07-07 22:22:20 ET

yeh ok thas ok.

just be sure to clean it very well before turing it.


2002-07-07 22:24:02 ET

ok, i'll make sure to do that for now on! cuz i dont want something bad to happen to it...which i think im going to go take a shower and clean it..

2002-07-07 22:28:06 ET

good idea.

use antibacterial soap on a good washcloth gently.

2002-07-07 22:47:23 ET

yea ive been using anitbacterial saop =)

2002-07-08 14:38:56 ET

cartledge piercings are the worst. i had one that always got infected. and i did the other ear myself and it has never got infected...weird. i dunno why. maybe i did a good job?

2002-07-08 15:19:41 ET

yeh they are fukked.

i think its cuz they have soo much contact with everything.

hats. bandanas. hair. pillows.

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