2004-05-03 23:44:31 ET

wtf happened i totally forgot to record it.

all i kno is shi ann got voted off.

oh and why aren't any of the seasons of survivor availble on dvd?

2004-05-04 03:53:56 ET

season one of survivor comes out this month. i'm not sure the exact date, though. you can look it up on

-your friendly neighborhood dvd/cd sales clerk.

2004-05-04 12:33:28 ET


so eventually they will have all seasons?

2004-05-04 15:19:31 ET

actually, this coming up tuesday its coming out.

usually the way these things work are they'l releases a "too hot for tv" or "uncensored" edition single disc, which survivor released several years ago, and if it sells well they'll release all the seasons. its safe to say if they're releasing season 1, then they'll probably release them all.

2004-05-04 21:59:00 ET


i am so excited.

thanx so much for the info hun.

2004-05-05 03:58:56 ET

no problem.

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