2002-07-07 21:35:22 ET





lets all update.


trainspotting is on.

2002-07-07 21:40:20 ET

good update...good movie...bad drugs...

2002-07-07 21:44:59 ET

never seen the movie trainspotting, ive been wanting to see it though, i heard it was good.

2002-07-07 21:52:40 ET

oh my.

are you serious its one of the best movies ever made.

2002-07-07 22:04:14 ET

so i hear..so i need to see it!

2002-07-07 22:10:20 ET

yes yes indeed.

i crave a single movie that is dedicated the speed freeks.

crystal meth heads.

i mean its a much bigger issue and problem than heroin.

its just behind closed doors.

and the more they ignore it the worst it gets.

i think we need a film to show the ups and downs and the so called "glamorous" lifestyle.


blah. blah. blah.

2002-07-07 22:13:43 ET

hahahaha yea for sure.

2002-07-07 22:21:34 ET


i could document myself.

but that wouldn't work.

2002-07-07 22:22:12 ET

either or.

2002-07-07 22:29:29 ET




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