ouchies tummyaches aren't fun
2004-05-04 22:01:29 ET

at some point i am seriosuly going to have to remember that i am lactose intolorant.

|sob| i am in pain.

2004-05-04 22:20:51 ET

*hugs* its ok

2004-05-04 23:02:09 ET

it effin hurts.

2004-05-05 08:41:02 ET

Meelk is gross but everything else with meelk is good....
Im sorry hun, feel better soon

Put a big sticky note on the fridge!!

2004-05-05 11:06:31 ET

i loooooooooooooooooooove skim milk.

i can eat cheese or choclate.

sometimes ice cream.

but thats all.

2004-05-06 07:21:58 ET

What did you eat that made you sick anyway?

2004-05-06 13:03:55 ET

i drank a bunch of milk.

and hada bowl of ice cream.

2004-05-07 09:16:02 ET

EEEEE no good

2004-05-07 12:26:25 ET

i wanna try that lactose free milk. but its like 2% or something.


2004-05-07 12:27:15 ET

it really isn't very good...Heather (taylor's gf) drinks it...it is 2% and really sweet tasting...yuck!

2004-05-07 12:37:25 ET


and i dont really like soy milk, for drinking.

and i hate taking big lactaid pills everytime i wanna drink milk.

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