Pantera - Fucking Hostile
2004-05-05 14:08:30 ET


i missed one tiny payment, and they cut off my visa!?!?!?!

so does this mean i have bad credit now?, and if so for how long.


2004-05-05 14:19:43 ET

That's pretty extreme! I'm so glad I didn't get a credit card...

2004-05-05 14:36:12 ET

it is extreme.

i am screwed.

2004-05-05 16:56:09 ET

i've missed 5...they upped my interest level on my visa and this morning my master card called and gave me shit...i know how you feel

2004-05-05 20:50:30 ET


no fair how did i miss one.

and get bad credit.


2004-05-05 22:33:22 ET

ya...that sucks for you! you must owe them more then i do...

2004-05-06 01:17:41 ET


2004-05-06 09:26:06 ET I owe more...that is weird!

2004-05-06 13:04:15 ET


this angers me.

2004-05-06 13:17:38 ET

go in and talk to them!

2004-05-06 14:06:12 ET

yeh i guess.

its been about 2-3 weeks tho.

2004-05-06 14:08:59 ET

its been 5 months for me
try anyway

2004-05-06 14:23:48 ET


cuz fukk this sux.

2004-05-06 16:37:19 ET

fixing bad credit is easy, use your credit card for every minor purchase (movie rentals, food, etc..etc..) and make sure those bills get paid on time (which is easy becuase they'll be inexpensive.) Paying those bills will give you good credit again.

2004-05-06 18:01:49 ET

but i cant get d\credit.

i already tried getting another card.

they said to destroy my other one.

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