oh noooo
2004-05-06 21:26:19 ET

my car broke.


oh my anyways, i dont work tomorrow, so i am goin to watch the last episodes of friends, then survivor, and i got peter pan and the last samurai(sp?)

2004-05-06 21:40:33 ET

everyone is watching the last samurai!! Is it out already orsomething? i want to see it so bad!

2004-05-06 22:10:03 ET

oh gawd i missed survivor again.

i am sooo pissed.

2004-05-06 22:11:13 ET

haven't been having any luck with that have you?

2004-05-06 22:12:10 ET

no my vcr is possessed.

i am soo angry right now, well at least i got to see the last friends.

2004-05-06 22:14:30 ET

i bet it is so sad...

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