anna nicole smith
2004-05-07 19:15:13 ET

is such a tart.

she is high or something. on jay leno.

2004-05-07 19:24:06 ET


So true.

2004-05-07 20:02:41 ET

did you watch it?

2004-05-07 20:07:00 ET

No, but she's never been the brightest crayon in the box.

2004-05-07 20:20:46 ET


i never noticed before tho.

then again i have never been exsposed to her.

2004-05-07 20:33:38 ET

aw I missed that. but I did see her show once

2004-05-07 22:24:14 ET

I dont mind her stupidity all that much...the fact that she is famous and not stick thin makes me like her...well tolerate her anyway

2004-05-08 03:09:52 ET

no she ost soooo much weight.

she is soooooos kinny ow.

2004-05-08 09:37:21 ET

really? Well then she loses points! I liked her heavey!!!

2004-05-09 18:41:05 ET

I admire the not-stick-thin models out there like Kate Dillon and Mia Tyler- they're not only beautiful, but intelligent.

Anna Nicole is like, a tart with a lobotomy.

2004-05-09 20:46:08 ET


this is tru. i love the full figured models too.

2004-05-09 21:09:58 ET

they are my fave!

2004-05-10 04:06:29 ET

Well, they're beautiful, and they look like WOMEN, rather than emaciacted 12 yr old boys.

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