survivor season finale.
2004-05-09 18:11:05 ET

i might have missed the past 2 weeks, butr i am so not going to miss this.

and i really hope the mart gets in season one on dvd.


i had soooo much fun last night.

2004-05-09 18:12:23 ET

did you end up going out to the Hen?

2004-05-09 20:47:07 ET


seriously girl

you are hopeless, meybee i will get to see you next year?

2004-05-09 21:11:29 ET

I'm sorry!! I swear I'll come out this weekend! i am going out to Jakes Corner (blah...I know) to work for the next couple days...then I'll have money and I swear I will come out!!

2004-05-09 22:00:37 ET

i will belive it when i see it.

2004-05-10 20:18:34 ET

awww...If I'm not working then I swear I will make an appearance!
Its true its true!

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