my heart is in pieces
2004-05-11 17:40:21 ET

he hasn't even left yet.

and i am already in so much pain and suffering.

i mean if only one of them was leaving me i could handle it,but not both.

this is all too much i need to lay down or somehting.

2004-05-11 17:42:35 ET


2004-05-11 17:56:56 ET

thx hun.

i am so not doin well at all.

2004-05-11 19:48:12 ET

Sorry to hear about the loss sweety. ::killer huggs for you::

2004-05-11 21:02:43 ET

they are both leaving?! *hugs* It'll be ok 'cause I stil wuv you!!

2004-05-11 21:56:25 ET

thanx guys.

well one will be back in 6 weeks, and the other comes back about once a month or so.

but i think i just wont even leave my house, and eat and eat and eat.

or i could get all buff n sexified and workout like all day every day.

for when they get back. and rock their world.


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