must get another job
2004-05-12 01:45:53 ET

wow i really relaly need new pics.

i have about 30 rolls of undeveloped advantix film.

butno money to develop them.

2004-05-12 05:55:06 ET

gewt them developed and claim there is something wrong with them and you want them free!

2004-05-12 07:31:57 ET

Exactly!!! Or take them ALL to a one hour place and be like beeeeitch I wanted them ALL in an hour, I REFUSE TO PAY then walk out with them lol you might need a cart tho

2004-05-12 08:03:41 ET

p.s. your art is hawt kthxbye <3

2004-05-12 13:24:20 ET

do they really let ppl do that?

seriosuly tho i kno that advantix pics are sooo much more than 35mm.

and i will needa cart.

oh my. thx

2004-05-13 05:04:51 ET

Lol I dont know, try it. Or go every once in awhile and hit on the guy that works there so he gives you free developing

2004-05-13 11:50:53 ET

hahah well

i do have friends at the wal-mart photo lab.

2004-05-14 05:54:57 ET

really? me too

2004-05-14 11:19:31 ET

kewl shit.

oh and i never knew they didnt do pr0n.

semi pr0n. not even develop mom's baby bum pics.

2004-05-17 05:47:46 ET

They're not supposed to look at the pictures while they process them. So you can do all the pr0n you want

2004-05-17 10:32:32 ET


weord cuz it all comes up on this big computer, and they have to adjust the contrast and whatnot,, so thats how they kno if its naekkid ppl n shit.

2004-05-18 05:02:52 ET

yeah. they have to do the quality control.... but their not supposed to look

2004-05-18 09:32:14 ET

how is it possibe to fix and not look?

2004-05-18 09:33:09 ET

those are the kinds of questions that get you fired missy. I think it's time to decide wether or not you want to be part of the team!

2004-05-18 11:25:27 ET


oh my. do u work there.

2004-05-19 05:10:23 ET

hell no!

2004-05-19 07:29:31 ET

Lol, then cough it up Brendan!!! Tell us noooowww!

2004-05-19 07:34:38 ET

tell you what? I am not and have never been a photo tech

2004-05-19 07:35:12 ET

*snaps finger* darn, I want to know the photo tech secrets!!

2004-05-19 07:37:16 ET

ask him!

2004-05-19 07:37:41 ET

lol, *stares* cooooooool

2004-05-19 07:39:50 ET

thats a great warning lable LOL

2004-05-19 07:41:06 ET

Lol oh yes!
My squinty eyes are better -_- !!! *rawr*

2004-05-19 07:42:12 ET


I dunno what that is but it rules you! as does +_0

2004-05-19 07:46:31 ET

lol O.o
Cute as a button!

2004-05-19 07:48:17 ET


2004-05-19 11:52:09 ET


imma confused.

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