2004-05-12 19:22:42 ET

wow my all time fav show nip / tuck.

is now on the womens network.

2004-05-12 19:58:44 ET

Aww I love that show! But I can never figure out when it's on, what time/day is it on?

2004-05-12 20:03:35 ET


that i totally dont miss the wife.

oh mygawd, she needs professional help.

no one freeks out all day, she is goin to have an aneryism.

2004-05-13 19:10:25 ET

Oh? Why is that? Is she likje actually insane? because this world lacks genuine mental patients....

2004-05-13 20:59:59 ET


huh what?

2004-05-14 11:24:37 ET

Nothing lol

I think I was drunk when I typed that..

2004-05-14 13:53:32 ET


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