cleaning is aful
2004-05-15 21:04:29 ET

my room has gotten to the absolute breaking point.

and now i have decided to do something abou tit, i have far too much stuff than i need, and i have no where to put it all. i think i will just give up for today, have a shower and go to bed, then get up early tomorrow, the parents are back too, guess i wont be cleaning my car anytime soon tho either, i hope they go out of town next weekend too, for some reason i only let getting shit done when i am all alone, guess its cuz i have full rein over the house. etc.

i need to keep myself busy all summer, so i dont think about him.

|le tear| i think i am goin to get another job and start a work out routine again.

2004-05-16 07:18:01 ET

since i was little my room was a wreck cause when ever i decide to throw any thing useless i get illusions that the rubbish are crying (please dont throw me away!) so eventually it ended up intact and my room got messier as the days passed by. it wasnt until junior high that i was cured. anywayz, good luck with the cleaning!

2004-05-16 09:50:54 ET


this is tru!, i have boxes and boxes and crevices filled to the brim with junk, and knick knacks.

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