do i offend?
2004-05-16 23:37:21 ET

i hate dry spells.

talked to my wonderful friend elliot like all night.

i have this new addcition with sending ppl mahsive amounts of mp3's and avi files.

i need more takers, before i erase them all again.

2004-05-17 01:42:14 ET

haha i do the same thing too :D

2004-05-17 07:39:47 ET

Hmmm... what avi's do you have?

If you want to send me massive amounts of music, you're quite welcome to. However I've gone from the trace and jungle stuff to NIN, Tori Amos, and Manson type music as of late. =P

2004-05-17 10:30:24 ET

well whatever you want hunneh.

jusstah go on msn when i am on.

which is most like 24/7 these days. since i have no hours at work.

2004-05-18 06:07:43 ET

No hours, why not??

2004-05-18 09:30:49 ET

i have no clue.

i think they are sowly trying to phase me out or something.

2004-05-18 09:32:53 ET

Fuck that. Get a new job darlin'!

2004-05-18 11:25:56 ET

i kno. am about to get a raise too.

which is why i think the phasing out will come into play.

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