dun dun DUN.
2004-05-18 13:02:35 ET

its all my boi's fault.

and now he's gone. but he has hit me with the rap stick. not hip hop, cu zi have always been about the hip hop. but R A P.

i haven't been into rap since my younger teenage years. now i find myself listening to the rap station and downloading shizz like. 50 cent, jay z, ludscris.

oh my goodness!

and i can slowly see myself bouncing up and down and waving my arms, getting facial grimaces.

its hilarious, cuz when i was younger i whud wear bandanas. and walk around with a boombox and i had braids in my hair. and i whud breakdance at the skatepark, and blast gansta rap, wu-tang, snoop dogg, biggie smalls, etc.

2004-05-18 13:43:22 ET

its all about the gangsta rap!

2004-05-18 13:48:39 ET

seems rightly so.

2004-05-18 14:12:46 ET

once again, thug whaaat

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