no sleepo,food,nmake ann-marie crazee.
2004-05-24 13:16:31 ET

no sleep, food, since threudssy.

i am goin nuts.

wehoioooooooooooooooooooooo. what an amazing 2-4. it hink i drank a total of 4 2-4's and fireball. and too much smoke.

no drugs thanbk gawd. i cant walk.

2004-05-24 16:57:38 ET

Why none of these things?

2004-05-24 16:58:27 ET

yeah, food's important. as is sleep

2004-05-24 17:10:43 ET

cuz it was may 2-4 and i went on the most crazee ass road trip to a music festival about 5 hrs away from me.

and everyone was there and being us crazee assed yukoners. no one ate or slept.

cuz that what you do when your from here, and you just drink and drink and then drink some more.

and if you puke. you drink hard stuff. haha.

oooooooooooooooooooooh snap.

2004-05-24 17:11:29 ET

hehe, sounds like good times to me.

2004-05-24 17:12:43 ET

it most definatly is.


2004-05-24 17:20:02 ET

lol you Canadians are the best.

2004-05-24 17:20:33 ET

well, i guess in a way it clears out your system...and replaces it with large quantities of booze...

2004-05-24 18:13:14 ET

hahaha tru.

and i am goin to go drink now too.

after party styles.

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