instant messengers
2004-05-24 16:57:45 ET

ok so i can't get into my icq account to work.

i got a new aim its eSkimoL0veSkuLL.

so add me, but remeber that l0ve is with a zero.

i need more ppl on my list so that i can use it more often.

2004-05-24 16:59:48 ET

MSN is better.

2004-05-24 17:00:52 ET

I added you. I only use MSN to talk to 3 people. I'm so used to AIM.

2004-05-24 17:12:06 ET

i think mainly candians use msn.

or so i have noticed. and icq cuz i have alot of ppl on my list that i havent seen/talked to in years.

but it kepps saying my effin password is wrong.


2004-05-24 17:20:55 ET

Yeah I actually like the way that MSN is set up better than AIM but most of my friends use AIM.

2004-05-24 17:29:09 ET

You know why Canadians use it? Cause I'm smart and Canadians follow my example so they all seem really smart, but it is really just me.

2004-05-24 17:50:36 ET

really? Americans don't usually use MSN?

2004-05-24 18:14:27 ET

i have only met one or two, and they use it like 1-2 times a year.

say they forget they have it, with me its that i forget i have aim.

2004-05-25 08:07:36 ET

It is cause Americans have a vendetta against microsoft. The xbox in Canada has a much larger market share than in the US. It is signicantly larger not just a few percentage points...

I attribute that to Canadians having better taste.

2004-05-25 11:43:16 ET

hahahah its true!

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