any takers?
2004-05-25 01:35:21 ET

anyone open about their drug use? care to share experiences?

2004-05-25 06:23:55 ET

I've been on various perscription drugs but that doesn't count hehe

I've also observed that gravity hits are the best way to get messed up with the weed

2004-05-25 06:34:44 ET

ehh....Ive been on so many different things...depends on what you wanna know lol

2004-05-25 06:56:52 ET

I did a lot when I was in my teens.. now I just smoke the occasional joint when I can't sleep.

2004-05-25 08:51:46 ET

I've never touched an illegal substance, and also some that are legal, cigarettes and alcohol. Just never wanted to.

2004-05-25 08:57:47 ET

Congrats, negated. That's awesome.

2004-05-25 09:16:31 ET

Thank you.

2004-05-25 11:44:01 ET

i want to kno anything and everything.

i also do have aim.

2004-05-25 12:42:46 ET

i dont really use drugs...but i have tried some...used to use more...i can tell you about those if you want...meh

2004-05-25 13:24:06 ET

hey when do you wanna hang out next?

2004-05-25 15:46:51 ET

me?? umm...i dont think i have another day off untill monday...but i might come out to the bar and have a pepsi or something sometime during the week...i have decided that i don't drink very often and i dont like who i am when i i am going to just quit all together

2004-05-25 16:37:17 ET

redlabel9823 thats me on aim...add me

2004-05-25 23:18:10 ET

kewl shit i will for sure.

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