2002-07-08 22:34:20 ET

someone come and bring me junk food.

i start my shard diet tomorrow.

so bring me food.

i am hungry.

hunry hunry hippos.

who remebers that fun game.

2002-07-08 22:36:07 ET

I too am starting my "get healthy before you die stupid" diet tomorrow. If I could I'd give you a doughnut.

2002-07-08 22:36:22 ET

That was the best game. =)

2002-07-08 22:40:11 ET


well mine diet is actually quite the opposite.

me dun like donuts.

i am thinking more ice cream or chips.


2002-07-08 22:42:36 ET

if i lived closer to where you lived..i would bring you junk food...but yes..i remember that game..haha

2002-07-08 22:44:03 ET

what is your diet?

2002-07-08 22:45:47 ET



"ice" shards.

*blinks again*

not "ice" cubes.

but uhh yeh.

if you don;t understand then.....yeh.

2002-07-08 22:46:39 ET

I don't so I guess...yeh

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