2004-05-29 19:53:06 ET

sooo hungover, damm straight.

oh and i cried last night, tooo drunk and thinkign about boys.


oh and my friend tols me i needed a big fat cock.


2004-05-29 21:11:36 ET

lol, why do you need a big fat cock?

2004-05-29 21:39:00 ET

cuz the boi is gone, and i havent had a good lay in awhile.

and i guess he said i was acting like it or something, i wasn't sure wheather or not to get offened or waht.

like how is acting like i need it?

does that mean i was bein slutty or something?

2004-05-29 21:47:44 ET

I don't know, maybe you seemed uptight or something?

2004-05-29 21:48:25 ET

no nooooooooooooooo.

hahaha me uptight. thats hilarious.

2004-05-29 21:53:04 ET

hehe that is funny... you are the least uptight person that I know...hehehe...

2004-05-29 22:09:46 ET

i kno!!!!!!!!!!


check that shit out. its totally fukked.

2004-05-30 08:26:06 ET

Hmmm, beats me why he said it. What is that a TV show or something?

2004-05-30 13:19:18 ET

yeh some some sort of fukked up japanese game show.

2004-05-30 16:05:38 ET

Yeah thats pretty fucked up.

2004-05-30 16:32:19 ET

or meybee its some fukked up sex ed?

2004-05-30 20:44:38 ET

Who knows, maybe if someone understood Japanese?

2004-05-30 20:45:30 ET

i will in a couple of years.

2004-05-30 20:46:53 ET

I wish I could speak Japanese, you going to study it here or go to Japan?

2004-05-30 20:50:10 ET

go to japan teach english.

and learn japanese at the same time.

2004-05-30 20:56:09 ET

that would be a really fun experience!! difficult at first because of the difference inlanguage and culture...and the fact that you probably wouldn't know anyone there...but it would be really rewarding

2004-05-30 20:57:50 ET

we have some family friends there, and i whud get someone to come with me, or meet someone from canada asap, there are some others doing it there.

i have to do more reasearch onit, but yeh, its really really hard.

i am still not sure if i am doing it.

2004-05-30 21:06:05 ET

i think that it might be good for you...a challenge is a good thing...plus there is only so much that Whitehorse can offer...at the very least get away from here!!

2004-05-30 21:07:43 ET

we no i have to finish alot of different schooling first.

like finish my high school, then get the rest of my hair school, then make up school, THEN THE TEASOL corse.

2004-05-30 21:09:16 ET

that sounds like a lot! how much do you have left in hair school?

2004-05-30 21:11:20 ET

well i think its been soo long that i have to take it al over again.

2004-05-30 21:13:54 ET

aw...that sucks!!

2004-05-30 21:23:14 ET

yeh just a bit hey.

2004-05-31 07:45:27 ET

I need to get into school, I want to be an Automotive Engineer but I didn't get the best grades in high school so that dream kinda went out the window. So now I have to settle for Automotive Technician, which is fine. I'm not too sure that I want to turn a wrench forever, I want to design things. There was a pretty major decision comming up recently and I missed the start dates for college, I thought I would be moving out of country but I guess not so now I'll have to wait another year to start. Goodluck with finishing all of the schooling you have left to finish before you can go to Japan. I hope someday I get to see Japan.

2004-05-31 09:19:56 ET

I had horrible marks in high school and I still managed to get into the program that I wanted...then again...I applied as a mature student (2 years after I had finished high school)Maybe you could go in to school and train as an Automotive Technician and then transfre or change studies to Automotive Engineer...or you could always wait 2 years and apply as a mature student...they wont look at your highschool marks...

2004-05-31 10:07:39 ET

neg - yehman i hear that, ihave been putting off my high school upgrade for 4 years, becuz of other thing i thought i whud be doing. yet never did, so just goes to show i could be dont all that now. LAMER. gah.

2004-05-31 15:52:30 ET

Sam: Yeah I could try that, I just feel like I would be better at designing things than fixing them you know? I'll keep that in mind, I didn't know about the mature student thing.

WY: I wish I had gone to college straight out of high school. Or I wish that my plans to leave the US wouldn't have fallen through.

2004-05-31 20:30:06 ET

i am goint o applu for dual citizenship.

being natvie i can do that. w000000000t.

2004-05-31 22:43:43 ET

well...anyone can do that...but being Native deffinately gives you a huge step up above others! *wishes I was native*

2004-05-31 22:45:37 ET

no but i mean i can just get it.

i dont have to do all that other shit.

2004-05-31 22:46:04 ET

then again. i dont really "want"
to be an american.

2004-05-31 22:47:53 ET

*jealous* I do!I have always wanted my citizenship...I could pass for native right??

2004-05-31 22:50:29 ET

hellz yeh
or we could get married when i get it

ummm yeh how would that work.

2004-05-31 22:55:52 ET

I thouhgt I could too!! When I first dyed my hair black people thought I was native...people still think I am native...there must be something I can do...there have to be some states that support lesbian marriages...what about one of those weird imbred hick states...like Alabama...or Arkansas (can't spell)

2004-05-31 23:07:51 ET


yeh so many ppl think i am hawaiian or japanese, or other shit.

its fun.

2004-05-31 23:15:56 ET

i know...it is :)

2004-05-31 23:21:00 ET


2004-05-31 23:39:13 ET

night girl!

2004-06-01 14:03:22 ET

I'm native american. I kinda wish I wasn't an american citizen. I'd throw the citizenship away in a heartbeat. You can marry me Sam and then shortly after we'll get divorced...

2004-06-01 16:24:34 ET

thanks for the offer, but I can get my citizenship by writing a test... I know a little american history...plus there are tons of packages availabe to help study and all that stuff...i didn't know that you can get you citizenship right away through marriage...i thought you had to be married for like 5 years or something and then apply...then again i dont really know much about it at all so...

2004-06-01 17:24:22 ET

5 yrs whud suck.

2004-06-01 18:12:20 ET

Yeah you get it right away. Thats how a lot of russian women get their citizenship. Mail order bride type thing.

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