the day after tomorrow
2004-05-30 13:29:07 ET

so i call / im'd a bunch of my friends to see if they wanna go see a movie, "the day after tomorrow"

and they all thought i meant lets go see a movie on tuesday.

so now a bunch of them left and i cant get ahold of them.

oh my.

2004-05-30 13:31:13 ET


oh my, that's funny.

2004-05-30 14:08:52 ET

i kno.

i will find them yet.

but i guess no one has money or some shit.

2004-05-30 15:37:57 ET

ahhh my friend saw that movie the other night, said it was flippin incredible. now i must see it, too. :)

2004-05-30 15:56:08 ET


i am excited.

2004-05-30 15:57:58 ET

yaaaaa. you should be, from what i hear!

2004-05-30 15:59:14 ET

i am goin to shower then drink beers.

2004-05-30 17:35:56 ET

i'm going to go shower and then... read Dude Where's My Country (Michael Moore) ... word

2004-05-30 17:48:39 ET


wtf?....thats a book???

2004-05-31 03:15:10 ET

...yeah! it's incredible. i could never explain it on here... but read the review or explanation or whatever... and you'll understand. it's incredible. i can't put it down.

2004-05-31 10:31:48 ET


2004-05-31 13:13:43 ET

i'm reading downsize this right now, and it's great. i love his style.

2004-05-31 13:32:43 ET

ooooooooo its micheal moore.

sweet ass.

2004-05-31 15:09:59 ET

yeah man. <3

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