whats the fucking point.
2004-05-30 18:14:18 ET

seriously why fucking tell someone that you are going to do something.

then not do it, no phone call nothing.

now i am sitting at home drunk i cant drive and the person who was suppose to give me money she owed me is not home either.

why the fuck. whats the point, all you had to say is no in the first place, rather than me wasting my time and energy getting ready for NOTHING.

i am soo dissapointed now.

2004-05-30 19:30:42 ET

i hate when that happens :/ and you're sitting there looking all pretty i bet

2004-05-30 19:37:55 ET

yes indeed i totally am.

and i am starting to get all shiny.

2004-05-30 20:46:24 ET

*hugs* cheer up kido!

2004-05-30 20:52:26 ET

oh i did.

i drank beer.

just goes to show, this is why i dont go out anymore. me and sam shud form a club.

2004-05-31 07:46:24 ET

Yeah, I don't get out much either, but I don't drink so I don't think I'd be club material.

2004-05-31 10:10:55 ET



2004-05-31 15:55:02 ET


2004-05-31 20:36:35 ET

i am drinking warm beer, and it smells/tastes ike mold.

2004-06-01 14:03:49 ET

European been eh?

2004-06-01 14:04:57 ET


2004-06-01 14:05:47 ET

beer* rather.

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