2004-05-31 21:57:38 ET

who here is on my space?

if so whats your email addy? or username.

2004-05-31 22:46:16 ET

alcohol fueled robot

2004-05-31 22:50:03 ET

its priity kewl shit.

was it before or after friendster tho? they are so much alike.

but myspace is sooo much more kick ass.

2004-05-31 22:55:25 ET

i'm not sure, i'd think myspace came after, myspace is a lot better. it's funny because everytime i go out to clubs, shows or parties, i hear atleast 3 conversations pertaining to myspace, so many people are addicted to the site.

2004-05-31 22:57:15 ET dunno if i have a username. gah! i haven't used myspace that much, but i did update my profile. i need friends.

2004-05-31 23:02:30 ET


friendster has waaaay too many glitches and bugs. effin sux. i am too starting to fal for myspace, i just hate that no one in my area ever goes online.

2004-05-31 23:24:45 ET

yeah, i need to check it out some more, and i never really used friendster. just got an account but that's it. thanx for adding me.

2004-06-01 03:58:26 ET

********** without the stars, of course.

2004-06-01 06:05:35 ET

I actually managed to get the username Brendan

2004-06-01 08:02:20 ET


2004-06-01 09:57:51 ET

sub= it whud be impossible to search for that username.

whats your email?

2004-06-01 10:15:14 ET

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