its true
2004-06-02 23:23:56 ET

i think i may just have met the most kick ass person in this entire town.

well besides me that is. |smirk|

no but seriosuly how shocking, and out of the blue, i have yet to meet him in person, but i think i may have found a new ass kicking buddy.

too bad he's not 19 tho. lamer.

2004-06-03 21:07:56 ET

YAY!!! *does happy dance for you*

do I know him??...huh I, do I??

2004-06-04 14:14:46 ET

i doubt it,

he's 17 and goes to fh.

i sooo need to get him id.

2004-06-04 14:26:08 ET

remember I have a little bro...about the same age...I could know him...ID is easy to get...if he has a learners and such

2004-06-04 15:15:58 ET

his name is rory. he has a brudge piercing, and red hair.

2004-06-04 15:17:46 ET were right...dont know him...i would remember the piercing

2004-06-04 15:28:45 ET

i still have to meet him IRL.


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