blah blah blah
2004-06-04 14:04:48 ET

and fucking blah.

quit repeating yourself, why stick of for wanna be elitest monks.

hahaha yeh anyways, goin to the bank fucking bitch is goin bankrupt i swear telling me some shit about how they cant pay me, wtf.

2004-06-04 14:23:15 ET

elitest monks? o__o

oh and what bank is this?

2004-06-04 15:17:10 ET

royal bank.

yeh slnag terms made fun.

2004-06-04 15:20:35 ET

ahahah that's kewl. ya damn elitest monks!

2004-06-04 15:29:16 ET


your crazeee.

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