H to the Izzo
2004-06-04 19:14:52 ET

fo sheezy mah neezy, we used to dribble down in VA.

shit man i am sooo godamm tired its crazee unbeleiveable, and i have to shower and get ready, uggg...i feel like poo. and my tummy hurts.

met 2 kick ass bitches from alaska last night on there way down south.

a little cocky and it was hiularious when they asked, godamm how is it that you canadians are so fucking awesome?

i kinda lauighed in their face. it isn't too often you hear that shizz from yankees. and the flames won last night 3 to 2.

and soo many ppl were celebrating that fact and they were all like , "whats with this whole hockey thing.

2004-06-04 21:14:44 ET

hey...canadians are kewl!

2004-06-05 04:14:12 ET

fuck yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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