oh noooo
2004-06-06 13:32:17 ET

ok so those avatars on dookyweb

for some reason it will never let me email them to anywhere?

how am i suppose to save the image if its flash?


2004-06-06 13:48:35 ET

press the print screen button on your keyboard

open up ms paint

go edit -> paste

crop it down

and voila!

2004-06-06 13:53:14 ET

hahaha smart ass.

yeh i knew that i guess i just never thought of it.

thanx babe.

2004-06-07 13:43:26 ET

heheh... a smart ass as you know me best!

anytime beb!<3

2004-06-07 14:23:10 ET

hey i still need html help with myspace.

but i have to go to work now.

2004-06-07 14:23:50 ET

alright well i'll help you out when we're both online at the same time!

i'm tired now though, i need a nap.

2004-06-07 14:25:46 ET

you better wake up for the hockey game.

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