2004-06-06 15:57:18 ET

i ended it all with the boi on friday, i dont kno wtf happened, but i noticed he has completely turned into this cocky little fucking shit.

i remeber when he used to be so shy he couldn't even talk to me.

now he wont even look at me. i dont kno when this all happened, but wtf he tells ppl things about me then cant even look at me, he is so something i never thoughthe was, i thought he was something totally different, and thing was he was that person, yet somehow turned into this little bastard.

i think it might be my fault tho, i told him almost everyday how amazing and beautiful he was, and no on ever told him that, and i guess more and more girls noticed him lately, and it just all went to his head or something.

but you kno whut i dont even care i hope he is happy with the little fuck he has become and finds some nasty bitch to take care of him.

i think i am goin to go get ice cream and movies and just chill.

no more boys for awhile for me.

2004-06-06 17:16:27 ET

geeze. that fuckings sux. *hugs* it'll come back to him, and he'll realized what a shit he's being. have fun at the movies.

2004-06-06 17:17:38 ET

no i am goin to rent movies.

and i dont kno i feel like i just wanna mock him and be a bitch.

2004-06-06 17:22:50 ET

maybe you should...make him see kinda.. you know. whatcha gonna rent?

2004-06-06 17:45:44 ET

yeh i am going to.

but he is gone for the summer.

2004-06-06 18:11:22 ET

oh, that sux.

2004-06-06 18:29:16 ET

yeh i guess, but at the same time it will give me distance. until i get over it.

but i have this feeling like i may not even get over it.

2004-06-06 18:38:01 ET

yeah, you will. just give it time.

2004-06-06 18:56:21 ET


2004-06-06 22:40:14 ET


2004-06-06 22:40:53 ET


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