new music
2004-06-08 13:32:05 ET

so i have a bunch of new bands that i RE- discovered, and forgot about.

the epoxies
the rondelles
nerdy girl
the yeah yeah yeahs
stereo total
operation makeout
le tigre

yeh and i got live journal and i really really think i am goin to take a html crash course, cuz this is ridculous.

have to go to work, i think i might pick up the dvd box set of survivor borneo season 1.

2004-06-08 13:44:00 ET

Polysics makes me moist. WHERE CAN I BUY CDs!?

2004-06-08 13:48:01 ET

i have no clue, try your local independant music shop.

or i can send you mp3'z.

2004-06-08 13:55:24 ET


2004-06-08 14:43:33 ET

ok i havwe to go to work,

but i will try to im you later.

2004-06-09 11:23:11 ET


2004-06-09 12:18:52 ET

umm i have to go to work again tonight, but will be home around 10:30 pacific time.

i think its pacfific. seattle time otherwise.

2004-06-09 12:23:31 ET

Sweet. I'll do my best to be online. I'll PM you my contacts.

2004-06-09 13:35:23 ET


2004-06-10 05:41:15 ET

ooooh there's one that i know! the yeah yeah yeahs!! (yay~)
i bought there cd fever to talk, cause its like one of the few decent cds you can get at our local music store:P

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