2002-07-09 18:24:33 ET

*jibtek warrior*

in full effect.

cleanin mah bathroom. i went to the library today and sighned out an old fav book of mine. "go ask alice" i am quite sure many of us are aware of this excellent book.

as i read the first couplw of pages tho.

i was suddenly remined very much so of sk.


blah blah blah.


2002-07-09 19:37:17 ET

fun stuff...hey how did the visit with your doc go?

2002-07-09 19:49:20 ET


but it wasn't my doc!!

i guess he is on holidays.

it was some small kooky chemist looking guy.

he just threw the presciption at me and i left.

2002-07-09 19:50:29 ET

that sucks.

2002-07-09 20:16:49 ET

it did indeed.

ah well my doc will be back soon.

and then i have to do a physical.


2002-07-09 20:21:45 ET

fun stuff!

2002-07-09 20:40:03 ET


not rilly.

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