2004-06-10 13:21:42 ET

You are not very ideal, and frankly, we wonder if
you're even a boy. Quit playing cricket in the
house and start brushing up on the simple ways
of earning, and there may be hope for you yet!

Are you an Ideal Boy?
brought to you by Quizilla

2004-06-13 13:24:00 ET


Hahaha, I love it!

2004-06-13 13:27:48 ET

haha isn't it great.

it talks like me.

2004-06-13 14:11:46 ET

Awww, I <3 you!

2004-06-13 14:22:58 ET

me toooooooooo.

we have to have a telephone conversation soon.

2004-06-13 14:38:15 ET

Once I have a job, so I can pay for my long distance.

2004-06-13 15:01:44 ET

hahaha. ok me tooooooooooooo.

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