2002-07-09 20:20:06 ET

haiku time.

Fat Albert life wack
his mama strung out on crack
he stressed so he snack

2002-07-09 20:45:31 ET

and as bill cosby
says, we will see ya next week
eatin the puddin

2002-07-09 20:47:21 ET

I am so tired
Im sick since I was hired
I hope Im fired

2002-07-09 20:48:48 ET

Put the ho to bed
40 ouncer on the stand
Boo-Yah letz git down

2002-07-09 20:49:11 ET

nice one julie.


2002-07-09 20:52:45 ET

I hate my dumb job
It can really make me sob
I will cry with Bob....

I really hate working at my job...

2002-07-09 21:17:44 ET

If you are real tight
You can chill with me tonight
If you hit it right


2002-07-10 00:20:58 ET

i got one:

stupid poems suck
they make me question my sexuality
or somethin

2002-07-10 00:23:06 ET

I swallow every
drop like it's stricchnine
mixed with cyanide

2002-07-10 05:41:36 ET


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