2004-06-16 01:02:02 ET

u can always tell when its here,

cuz then i even avoid the internet.

its been awhile. does anyone still see this?

2004-06-16 01:08:27 ET

i see it... :-\... is there somethin' i can do to help the depression mood?...
i've been in it a lot lately... but i could possibly help in someway... maybe i could tell you about last month... that would bound to make you be glad you aren't me... :-)

2004-06-16 06:52:47 ET

we see it. Fell better soon. try getting some sun!

2004-06-16 11:52:56 ET

i need professional help.

and parents can't afford it.

2004-06-17 05:28:39 ET

life sucks doesnt it
rent a good movie, pig out and cry yourself to bed
it works for me:P

2004-06-17 12:19:52 ET

tru it does for me, but t5hen aagin some movies make me more depressed.

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