2004-06-21 14:20:00 ET

ok every summer solstice there is a huge ass party.

but i dont think there is today for some reason.

i am just goin to pick up a bottle of fireball and a 15nr of chilkoot and walk around until i find something i guess.

2004-06-21 14:25:22 ET

when does it start being light out all day up there?

2004-06-21 15:47:58 ET

yeah, i was wondering that too

2004-06-21 15:48:07 ET

p.s ohhh fireball

2004-06-21 18:08:44 ET paradise party this year...i cant remember where i heard it was...*thinks*

2004-06-21 19:06:15 ET

what's fireball like, never had it

2004-06-21 19:12:38 ET

cinnamon whisky...if you like cinnaomn then you will like it...if not it is nasty

2004-06-22 09:03:51 ET

lol, it'd be nasty for me.

2004-06-22 15:16:28 ET

i love it when you go away and come back to find comments in your blog.

ummmm what do you mean when does it start to get light out?

i talked to paul and he said there probably is.

actually ia m so hungover the thoughtof fireballright makes me wanna puke.

2004-06-22 18:57:38 ET

like when the sun doesnt set.

2004-06-22 21:33:14 ET

oh yeh its doesnt

2004-06-23 19:29:16 ET

it doesnt right now? thats what i meant... like, what time of year does that happen?

2004-06-23 20:43:01 ET

in the summer...especially over summer the winter it is hella dark here...(I live in the same city as Wasted)

2004-06-24 01:03:54 ET

yeh in the winter itsd like 12 hrs or less daylight.

in the summer its like 24 hrs daylioght.

no lie.

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