i shall burn in hell.
2004-06-25 19:33:26 ET

my alarm clock did not go off this morning, and i missed the funeral of a friend.

i shall burn in hell.

2004-06-25 20:48:12 ET

you're probably right.

2004-06-25 20:55:37 ET

i need to get a new alarm clock, or a roomate.

like wtf.

i didn't go out tonight cuz i knew ppl whud be mad.

2004-06-25 20:55:44 ET

i hate myself.

2004-06-25 21:12:38 ET

are you sure the alarm was even on?

2004-06-25 21:14:53 ET

pritty sure i checked it before i fell asleep.

2004-06-25 21:17:59 ET

i also need a roommate...soon i wont have a place to live...

2004-06-25 22:04:47 ET

oh no.

why is that?

2004-06-26 13:08:56 ET

ummm...a bunch of personal reasons...

2004-06-26 20:14:29 ET


geez sam.

r u ok?

2004-06-26 20:50:04 ET

yes I am...thanks :)

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