2004-06-27 13:25:52 ET

so finally after so much shit.

i am getting alomst 40 hrs a week and weekends off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

time to start paying bills fixing my car and moving the fukk outtah here.

2004-06-27 14:15:10 ET

I need to buy a car so I can get the fuck out of places.

2004-06-27 15:00:27 ET

how much is it going to cost to fix? and have you talked to Ciara about paying for it?? I want to get the fuck out of here too...but I can not for a while... *sigh*

2004-06-27 15:31:29 ET

this is a good idea.

i have a mustang that was given to me when i was 16.

it was my mothers.

2004-06-27 15:32:20 ET

well my friend anne marie ryall.

her dad owns a garage, and i am goin to go talk to him, i need a new hatchback and rear bumper as well as new lights.

i am guessing it will be alot of moeny.

2004-06-27 15:34:10 ET

hmmm...ya...probably wont be too cheap...but if you can find used parts at like Capital Towing or something it could save you tons of $$

2004-06-27 15:35:47 ET

yes that is whut ia m goin to do.

i might just buy a old mustang and use i for parts.

i also need a new car seat.

2004-06-27 15:41:09 ET

hmm..i need a lisence....hehehe...21 with none still *blushes*

2004-06-27 15:44:05 ET


how did u drive to work everyday then?

and do you still work?

2004-06-27 15:49:27 ET

i dont work out there no...I got a job in the Deli of Stupid Store...I was going out there everyday with Tony...

2004-06-27 15:59:44 ET


ewwwwwwwwww superstore.

2004-06-27 16:02:09 ET

I know...*blushes*

Yes...Thomas's dad...Spinks...

2004-06-27 17:13:08 ET

i have no clue who that is.

2004-06-27 18:06:50 ET

you dont know Thomas Spinks? I used to live with him...and Erik and Devon...Tom is great!

2004-06-27 18:11:57 ET


where did you guys live?

i think i kno of him i think he might be the guyi thinnk is a fucktard.

2004-06-27 18:16:17 ET

that could be..on Teslin Street (I think it was Teslin...I dunno) *blushes* I lived there for about half a year too... Tom had thick glasses...big chop sideburns...(like the ones from 3000 Miles to Graceland...Kevin Costners) he can be a bit of an Uber Dork...but he is good shit

2004-06-27 18:28:04 ET

yeh yeh thats him.

why do you keep saying *blushes*?

2004-06-27 18:33:11 ET

I dunno... I was blushing cause I feel like an ass for not remembering the street name...thats kinda bad considering I lived there for like half a year...

2004-06-27 19:31:19 ET

was it 33?

2004-06-27 20:09:54 ET I think it was like 55 or something like that...wasn't 33 the Devilano's place??

2004-06-27 20:18:11 ET

it was everybody's place at some time.

2004-06-27 20:19:38 ET

hehe...fair enough...but that is the house right? we are thinking of the same one?

2004-06-27 20:26:10 ET

i think so

serge and them used to live there and throw big parties, and charge at the door.

2004-06-27 20:43:37 ET

scoobie serge?...Mr..."do you want a scoobie snack??"

2004-06-27 21:02:10 ET


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