final destination
2004-06-29 15:40:20 ET

i swear there is some bad energy going around or something.

its so bad that i dont even wanna leave my house, there is so much death around me.

there has been 2 murders here in one week, my friend drowned, there have been 6 drowing rescues.

my aunt died in the hospital today, a friends grandpa died in the hospital.

some kidd got in a 4 wheeler accident.

someone else alost died in a fire.

oh my. what is goin on this past week??

2004-06-29 16:20:12 ET

wtf!? thats really creepy o.o

2004-06-29 16:48:56 ET

its really scary.

i dont kno if i shud go out on canada day even.

2004-06-29 16:53:11 ET

hell i feel ya, i would be scared out of my freakin mind. i would just find a movie or two or more and just chill.

2004-06-29 16:54:24 ET

but i can't just chill forever.

i was talking to my best the other night and we were saying how we shud have wills and organize how we want our funerals.

2004-06-29 17:02:03 ET

might as well do that, while you are chillin'!

2004-06-29 17:14:52 ET


2004-06-29 17:28:05 ET

chillin is fun though!

2004-06-29 17:37:51 ET


but i am crazeee party girl.

chillin is stressful.

2004-06-29 17:38:02 ET

holy crap.. thats crazy! its going nuts down here too. murders. car accidents. yeah..
i'm sorry about your aunt.

2004-06-29 17:40:19 ET

r u in van now?

or still isla.

2004-06-29 18:00:31 ET

I have heard of deaths happening in threes but never like that. that's intimidating.

2004-06-29 18:04:28 ET


2004-06-29 20:24:47 ET

I'm sorry about your aunt girl *hugs*

And the rumors that I heard about the second murder were true then?? I am scared to go out too...and people want me to go canoeing on Canada Day...ummm...I think not...the invite was nice...but NO

2004-06-29 20:27:34 ET


fuck stay away from the water sam!!!!!!

i forgot all about it, then mary anne told me and i was like wtf!!!!

how could it be soo soon, and why do i have to have a cold sooo soon?

alli heard so far was party at the end of chadburn with decks and shit.

2004-06-29 20:33:12 ET

oh I plan on staying far from the water...not gonna happen...

Mary Ann?? Is that Aram's gf?? Do I know her?? Dont think so...

You have a cold because you are being punished...Jesus hates you...(hehe...just kidding...he says your tight)

I'm not going to go out for Canada urge all

Do you know who it was that was just murdered??

I saw a whole shite load of cops out tonight...maybe they are finally gonna crack down...mind you...I also saw a larger number of drunks then normal...

2004-06-29 21:13:47 ET

no mary anne is my little sister.

i have no clue and i havent read the paper yet, it was in the industrial area tho.

more drunks?

like whons, or all my friends. haha?

2004-06-29 21:30:22 ET

Wow thats horrible. Im sorry love <3333

2004-06-29 21:32:39 ET

i kno eh!

2004-06-29 21:34:32 ET

Do you live in a fairly decent sized town or is it very small??

2004-06-29 21:41:08 ET

the yukon territorys population is . 29,960

and the population of the capitol city which is where me and aftiel live is . 22,131

2004-06-29 21:41:23 ET

i think that might be out of date tho.

2004-06-29 22:32:00 ET

oh my.... okay well thats not so odd then I would say since the population is so large

2004-06-30 09:45:09 ET


but no.

2004-06-30 09:45:22 ET

shit never happens here.

2004-06-30 09:56:01 ET

the amount of deaths we have had in the last couple is pretty odd...I usually dont hear of about that many throughout the year...and very rarely are there any murders

2004-06-30 09:58:18 ET


oh sam i am soooo sick, i cant feel my head.

2004-06-30 10:08:17 ET

that isn't a good thing girly...*hugs*

CHICKEN SOUP!!! it makes everything better!!!

2004-06-30 10:25:19 ET

yeh i just took some dayquil liquid caps, and am goin to work.

2004-06-30 10:32:52 ET have to work??? shitty deal!

2004-06-30 10:49:48 ET

yeh i cvalled in yesterday.


2004-06-30 13:09:39 ET

they sent me home.

i nearly fainted.

2004-06-30 15:20:49 ET

*hugz* girl...get some rest...

2004-06-30 15:27:45 ET

yeh after simple life and food.

2004-06-30 15:28:47 ET

do u like my new layout?

2004-06-30 15:30:52 ET

yes...I have been meaning to comment on that...looks great!!

2004-06-30 15:54:09 ET

i love it.

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