i misss my ro ray!
2004-07-02 17:37:10 ET

got a email form him today he didnt even say bu bye to me.

he is gone for a month. and i misss him already.

got sooooooooooooo fucking hammered last night, and woke up with the worst hangover i have had in a long time.


ummmm went to the bank, got 400$$ called into work sick again.

i was looking for a ride to dawson all day so that i could attend my aunts funeral, sadly it was not accomplished.

ummm what else, i am goin out tonight i think even tho i am still battling the colf/flu and can barely breathe.

and no its not werse than a tanning booth SAM!!!!!!!!

sam o sam, how i wish we could actually go hang out and do dtuff together, you kno i love you dealr, oh and did u kno that our little robin is turning into a lil preepy one, is she goin out with some preppy boy or something???

that is all. Xx ann.

2004-07-02 19:09:42 ET

hhe yes it is!!!!

Robin Boss?? Preppy?? Like for real??? hmmmm... news to me!I have only seen her once since i have been back...

it isn't like I only hide myself from you...I hermit at home...hehehe

We can hang with no booze involved :) SAVE YOUR BODY!!! Booze= the devil...someday you will realize this...especially draft honey...ug...

love you too girl...lemme guess...KK tonight?

2004-07-02 19:13:32 ET

yeh prppy!. its really fukked up, like she just kinda smiles and waves at me, when i wanna go talk to her and shit.

and she seems unaprochable, not the robin i know.

i dunno meybee i am tripping out, yes the kki am meeting my crew there!

2004-07-03 13:02:39 ET

hmmm...weird ass...she has always been a bit more preppy then the rest of us...maybe her preppy now is influenced by Melanie...could be...meh...i dunno

does she still hang with Joni and them? or does she have a new crew now too?

2004-07-03 13:20:56 ET

ewwww melanie.

dont get me started on her. NASTY!

2004-07-04 16:03:11 ET

haha, that confused me when i first read it because i'm sam too!

2004-07-04 16:11:51 ET



2004-07-04 16:14:01 ET


2004-07-04 16:16:21 ET

tee heee.

have a good weekend?

2004-07-04 16:18:57 ET

it was good until now. i went on a mini road trip to visit a friend from high school. it was balls of fun.

2004-07-04 16:20:16 ET

until now?

i am still battling a cold/flu.

but all that healthy phlem is coming up. hahahah

too much info.

2004-07-04 16:21:54 ET

oh man, i hear that. i've been sick all week.

now i'm just super sad, it's embarassing. i keep getting misty-eyed. i think it was the combo of seeing old friends/being at home/knowing that i'm going to be alone for a few days that's done it.

how was your weekend?

2004-07-04 16:24:46 ET

thats is yeh.

well went out and drank too much on thrusday and friday!

2004-07-04 16:29:43 ET

yeah, i need to cut back on that. getting rid of the drunken nausea by getting high really isn't that great of a solution.

2004-07-04 16:36:33 ET

i can only ever get high when i drink.

2004-07-04 16:36:42 ET

well on weed.


2004-07-04 17:24:20 ET


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