2004-07-06 22:47:07 ET

has anyone ever heard the track by supermachiner.

its called bitter cold. and the start is like this girl being toutured and screaming for her life. and the guy is like whoa takeit easy, calm down, theres no way out.

and she is like fuck pls dont hurt me, let me go.

its the most horrific thing i have ever heard in my life.

2004-07-06 22:55:26 ET

it really is very horrifying...i'm all creeped out and goose bumpy and shit...i need hugz...

2004-07-06 22:57:51 ET

me too seriously omfg.

ineed to be like cuddlebummed, and fucking held by my mom or something.

i am thinking all kinds of horrific thingsnow. and to think thisa kind of shit happens all the time, and alot of it gets recorded and videotaped and ppl get off on it.

2004-07-06 23:01:28 ET

i know...some people are sick...i need snuggles to keep me from getting teddy is going to have to work a double shift tonight...

2004-07-06 23:06:22 ET


k lets try to sleep.

2004-07-07 02:35:23 ET

You obviously dont listen to Velvet Acid Christ.

2004-07-07 04:53:28 ET

*downloads to play loudly at night in the streets*

2004-07-07 05:19:25 ET

sounds bad.
I also like the suicide commando sample on axis of evil when the guy is like 'the best part about killing somebody is look on their face. It's that look, not when you threaten them, not when you hurt them, not even when they see the knife. It's when they feel the knife go in.'

2004-07-07 05:47:13 ET

i wanna hear it now!

2004-07-07 07:53:53 ET

alll these other sounds sound like i need to hear them too.

curiousity is funny.

oh and cat. what about velvet acid christ?

2004-07-07 10:58:34 ET

They've just got a lot of things that are similarly disturbing.
Im one of those wierdos that enjoys hearing such things.
I dont know if 'enjoy' is the correct word.
I guess because the fucked up samples go with VAC.
I dont know.

2004-07-07 14:15:37 ET

i wanna hear some.

can u send me some of this?

2004-07-07 15:19:30 ET

Download some.

2004-07-07 20:52:54 ET

give me names of some tracks.

2004-07-07 20:53:22 ET


2004-07-08 07:39:55 ET

Okay. hehe.

Fun With Drugs.
Speedball OD.
Phucking Phreak.

That should start you off.

2004-07-08 09:58:48 ET

thanx girl.

i will search when i get home.

2004-07-08 13:21:20 ET

Good deal.
Let me know if you're disturbed.

2004-07-08 22:59:23 ET

and then send them to me if they are good :)

cause i can't download anything :(

2004-07-09 01:59:42 ET

i totswlly will i probably wont get a chance to download until sun!~

it is the yukopn and the summer i will be on a drinking binge until sun.!!!!!

have qa greqatr weekend.

2004-07-09 02:00:38 ET

will do sam.

fick i had a weikked bnuck a beerrr night.,

and i work tomorrow

sorri8e if my dnsp (non sober post) is annoying with typos.!

2004-07-09 11:53:38 ET

hehehe...too funny...ok...sunday is fine...way to be a true Yukoner Ann Marie!! hehehe

2004-07-13 02:34:27 ET

yeh anyways velvet anticrist or whutever sucks ass.

and there is nothing horrifying aboutit at all.

cat u shud let me send you the song i am talking about.

2004-07-13 15:00:30 ET

Velvet Acid Christ are awesome.
Then again, what sort of music do you listen on a reg basis?

Unfortuantly, this comp doesnt have sound so you cannot do as such.

2004-07-13 21:08:17 ET

i used to listen to music like that.

but i mean they suck as in. like they sound nothing of what i exspected i was expecting shit like my song.

2004-07-14 13:24:10 ET

I havent heard the song so I wouldnt know.

I think their stuff can be disturbing if you're in the wrong mindset, ya dig?

2004-07-14 13:38:06 ET

is it their lyrics that get you?

2004-07-14 14:53:59 ET

It really depends on the mood.
I cant really explain it.
Generally, they dont bother me..I just enjoy their music.

2004-07-14 21:27:21 ET

i really want you to hear my song.

2004-07-15 14:41:25 ET

Whenever I get a decent computer, Ill download it.
For now, Im without it.

2004-07-16 12:05:59 ET


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