bo rad
2004-07-11 13:35:12 ET

so yeh i was suppose to go to farenheight 9/11 cuz onight is the last night i can see it since i work all week.

but i feel asoo lazy i havent even left my house since yesterday morning.

ummm did some rails this weekend, its been awhile. what else.

umm played tetris and mario 3 all day yesterday, and today i am goint o finish my dawson's creek maratrhon. and order pizza.

oh and my room cleaning is stalled once again.

its starting to smell in here.

2004-07-11 15:46:07 ET

Eh, your not alone, Im lazy too. Movies are just movies, theyll come out on video and you can see them then. Not a lot to worry about.

I <3 tetris, its fun as hell. I played it while waiting in ihop yesterday

2004-07-11 15:46:18 ET

my room is smelly too! lol

2004-07-11 16:23:35 ET

i live in a basement and its muggy here this summer.

so i think i have some invisible mold or something.

and i just hook my snes up and imma playing prince or persia and super mario world!

i forgot how addicting this shit it.

2004-07-11 18:06:23 ET

Yeah for sure that game is too fun to quit playing.
I always have my dirrty friends over so they stink up my room when we sleep.

2004-07-11 19:07:14 ET

ewww i hate dirty smeely friends.

gah ia m stuck in this game, and i forgot all the secrets.

2004-07-11 19:09:31 ET

Yeah those dirty bitches.
Aww youll remember!

2004-07-11 20:56:00 ET

i found a cheat website.


2004-07-12 22:01:36 ET

Haha way to go, you beatin it?

2004-07-12 22:07:05 ET

yeh i am at the last level. its too addicting.

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