2004-07-11 21:25:43 ET


oh my how could i have forgotten i bought this.

well i was a bit intoxcicated when i did, but i was looking for things to wash. and it fell out of a wal mart bag, how exciting.

2004-07-12 14:06:00 ET

hehe...what is that?? it looks like a nintendo done gameboy style

2004-07-12 14:31:16 ET


2004-07-12 14:32:08 ET

its a gameboy that looks liek a nintendo??

2004-07-12 14:35:25 ET

and i have all the fucking games. ol skool ones.

like ario, zelda, etc.

2004-07-12 14:41:01 ET

nice nice!! :)

2004-07-12 21:00:26 ET


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