gah. boo hooooo
2004-07-13 13:42:41 ET

so here i am sitting at my computer when i am totally suppose to be in vancouver for the fucking warper tour for fuck sakes.

i am sooomad. my best friend who lives there just called me and met up with all of our friends from here. this sucks.


i wilkl not get screwed over this time!

2004-07-13 18:08:29 ET

wait, why aren't you there?

2004-07-13 21:08:54 ET

me and a friend were suppose to get a greyhound companion pass and he was goint o takeme.

shit got fukked up my fault too tho.

2004-07-14 03:37:35 ET


2004-07-14 11:53:22 ET

yeh i totally missed out, my friend still isnt answering her phone.


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