love is not a game.
2004-07-13 22:48:02 ET

i have decided that i am to become somewhat of a fitness and nutrition guru.

any suggestions on how to go about this?

2004-07-14 09:16:06 ET

study up on various fad diets, but do not do them. follow the food guide pyramid. learn what real serving sizes are by measuring your food until you get the idea of what the sizes truly are. running is the best form of aerobic exercise. remember that protein is not the staple of any healthy diet. fruits and vegetables come first.

think fresh. it's always better and healthier.

cook more meals... you have control over what goes in them.

look into purchasing a multi vitamin and calcium supplements.

eat less meat and animal products. the saturated fat is horrible for you. look into vegetarian alternatives. learn about ethnic foods and what makes them taste like they do

(like in thai food, what makes the food intersting is the use of spicy versus sweet and salty... mixing peanuts, coconut, mangos, and lychee with all kinds of vegetables and savory meats)

watch the food network for ideas on what things taste good.

buy everything HIGH FIBER. skip white bread and white flour. try to cut sugar down in your diet. whole grains or no grains.

and run. swim. jump. dance. do situps while you watch TV. have fun. : )

2004-07-14 12:47:03 ET

yay thanx hun.

2004-07-15 09:09:23 ET

anytime. : )

2004-07-15 11:18:48 ET

hopefully something will change and work.

2004-07-17 15:30:44 ET

Hey...If Istay here in this winter...we should go to the gym together...I refuse to go alone... and then I could diet with you :)

2004-07-17 16:58:52 ET

fo sho

i wanna learn to play squah. or raqetball or whutever its called.

2004-07-17 17:00:12 ET

I think those are 2 different sports...I know squash is one though...they have it at better bodies right? or do you like Peak Fitness more

2004-07-17 17:01:28 ET

i dunno where they have it.

2004-07-17 17:30:45 ET

i am sure that better bodies has least they used to...i'm not gonna lie...i nver go to the gym

2004-07-17 17:44:52 ET

yeh but i want a court that not everybody is fucking watching.

2004-07-17 17:50:50 ET

ahh yes...i know what you mean...i hate people looking at me

2004-07-17 19:54:19 ET

hahah i kno.

thats the main reason i never go to the gym.

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