i need professional help.
2004-07-18 19:14:00 ET

i need professinal help i have a addiction with downloading and sharing files.

or some may think i am pushing the mp3 on them.

haha but anyways i have like 56 megs of free space.

3 200 books of movies. and 2 200 books of mp3z.

NO LIE. i am completely serious. i have a problem.

2004-07-18 19:21:28 ET

i am not familiar with your system of measurement in books.

2004-07-18 19:26:09 ET

yeh i didnt explain it well.

you kno the case logics that hold 200 or 208 cds.

those ones.

2004-07-19 03:58:15 ET

cd's full of mp3's ?!?

2004-07-19 09:28:30 ET

I think she means the books that hold cd's...right??

2004-07-19 11:38:18 ET

holy smokes, that's a lot of cds.

p.s your msn names are so craaazy

2004-07-19 11:41:13 ET

yes. the books that hold cds. as in they hold 200 cds, which are each copied mp3s, and movies.

2004-07-19 11:41:55 ET

yeh sam i kno. i mean elephant one.

wee never talk either.

2004-07-19 12:34:36 ET

holy shit that is a lot of mp3's then.

2004-07-19 13:07:46 ET

and alot of movies.

2004-07-19 15:25:22 ET

that's because i'm rarely in front of the computer long enough!

i'm sorry :(

2004-07-19 21:37:57 ET


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