2004-07-21 13:58:52 ET

why is it you can get any tee shirt in any size.

yet every single time i try to get a iron maiden shirt you can only fucking get it in l-xl-xxl?

i am so frusterated.

i will pay good money to anyone who can find me a size small maiden tee.

2004-07-21 14:03:27 ET

cause maiden fans is sho' FAT.

2004-07-21 14:12:25 ET


2004-07-21 19:02:23 ET

Buy a Large one and sew it to fit you, thats what I do

2004-07-21 21:08:13 ET

i dont kno how to sew.

2004-07-22 17:44:12 ET

Its not hard!! Im sure you could learn...

2004-07-22 18:52:57 ET

yeh i want a sewing machine.

2004-07-23 00:57:29 ET

Theyre worth their weight in gold cause once you start you wanna sew everything

2004-07-23 15:02:40 ET

yeh i need a actual good paying job with hours to get money for eeeeeet.

2004-07-23 18:47:38 ET

Find a used one!!! You can get em super cheap. Or you could get those Handy stitch things

2004-07-23 19:47:34 ET

those hand ones?

2004-07-23 21:16:54 ET


2004-07-24 12:22:37 ET

i hear they suckahs.

2004-07-24 22:50:55 ET

They do but they work for small things...

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