2004-07-22 00:27:12 ET


i can never sleep until like 5 am i hate it.

i have been crying for a week, over nothings!

i really wish that i could just be happy i have been slipping in and out of depression since i was a early teen. and i cant afford therapy and dont want meds to rule my life. they already want me to take ritalin.

i dont kno, i need money i have never had over 500$$ this past year.

i have gained alot of weight.

i have no love life.

i constanly feel sorry for myself.

blah blah blah.

2004-07-22 05:46:57 ET

i kind of have an idea of how you feel.
i too, have trouble sleeping and stay awake till crazy hours of the morning and cry about nothing, and depression is a normal thing for me nowadays.
it's hard trying to always be happy, and sometimes medication might work. if it gets really bad, maybe give it a try? it could be a stepping stone to better things and feelings.

try and feel better and get some sleep dear. <3<3<3

2004-07-22 08:00:58 ET

*hugz* I love you girl...I feel you on the money situation! I am hella wellfare...oh well...meh I think you need the hell outta whitehorse!! Did I tell you I might be moving to Van in the fall :) now I need to find a good job there!! Leave the Hole!! It is EVIL!

2004-07-22 09:29:09 ET

thanx post - but i am already suppose to take like 2 other medications that i dont. sucks. and it also sucks cuz i think i wil have this for the rest of my life, imean if i have had since i was a teen, whats to say it will go away?. does it go away?

sammy - yeh i wish i could move to van and get a REAL JOB.

but i think i am staying here for one more year saving money and snowboarding.

plus i feel trapped by my momma, she is really worried about me and she kinows as well as me that if i go back to the city i will get into drugs yet, i think its too soon.

2004-07-22 10:19:16 ET

I doubt that I will be able to find a real job once I get to Van...oh well...it isn't Whitehorse!! :) i see what you mean though about not wanting to go...ug...any other cities that you could go to? What about Calgary like the rest of whitehorse??

2004-07-22 11:22:57 ET


i am a bc kidd all the way. bc or nowhere.

pls dont ever ever suggest alberta again. thanx.

2004-07-25 16:12:04 ET

hehe...ok...i will never do so again...i dont blame you...I am not the biggest fan of cowboys and rednecks!! and that place is full of them...but it is nice there...and i did have fun while I was there

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