2004-07-28 22:11:12 ET

hahaha there is a wresting match here this weekend.

like ex wwf wrestlers. icant remeber their names.

and midgets and mud wrestling women.

and there is a beer gardens, so that means i am so there!

hahaha. i just need to find a bunch of ppl to go with now.

2004-07-28 22:15:17 ET

that could be so bad that it's better than all other bad things that are good.

2004-07-28 22:22:59 ET

hahaa that sounds like crazy fun.

2004-07-28 22:24:10 ET

yeh well i live in a extremely small town where NOTHING every comes here ro happens.

so i imagine its goin to be big and fun.

but i mean if i was in the city i probably whud not go or give it a second thought.

2004-07-28 22:31:18 ET

yeah,i live in a smallish town right now, so same here. it does sound like fun though...but yeah, maybe not for big city people. just sounds lame to them i bet.

2004-07-28 22:35:15 ET

well midgets wrestling and cheap beer.

fuck yeh!

2004-07-28 22:40:13 ET

haha, I want to see what Machoman and Randy Savage look like now.

2004-07-28 22:41:07 ET

haha yeah, that's worth it.

2004-07-28 23:13:03 ET

i thought they were the same guy.

macho man and randy savage?

i dunno its been soo damm long.

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