2004-07-28 23:59:11 ET

i forgot how much i love cannibal corpse!

2004-08-01 16:00:48 ET

what is canibal corpse?

2004-08-01 16:53:30 ET

u must be joking.

2004-08-06 02:59:33 ET


2004-08-06 12:54:01 ET

i dunno its like death metal shit.

they were on ace ventura. when hes at that club and goes to the back.

new enland clam chowder!

2004-08-09 10:32:10 ET

ok, thanks.

2004-08-09 11:17:02 ET

i can send you some if your really inclined.

2004-08-10 12:33:41 ET

thats ok, I appreciate it though I will probably d/l a couple of traxx from Kazaa

thanks again

2004-08-10 21:06:18 ET

no prob.

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