2004-08-04 22:57:16 ET

hmmm shoitloads of ppl on my friends list yet no one on my page.

2004-08-05 04:13:57 ET

what do you mean?

2004-08-05 06:29:31 ET

i mean i used to have shitloads of ppl comment on my journal.

and now no one does. i meani have seen other ppl's journals far less interesting than mine yet they get 20-30 comments.


2004-08-05 07:21:36 ET

ditto. sometimes i just don't get it.

i'm commenting now?

2004-08-05 07:36:52 ET

yes i kno and you rawk my boat!

i am just too needy.

2004-08-05 09:47:47 ET


i've never rocked someone's boat before. how nice

2004-08-07 13:22:43 ET

Needy chicks rock

2004-08-07 13:32:44 ET

you say that now.

2004-08-07 15:15:52 ET

I had a needy one.

2004-08-07 23:02:01 ET

Delete and start over... unless you know they undoubtedly love you*coughcoughgrin* XOXO

Know what you mean though for sure

2004-08-08 07:12:17 ET


2004-08-08 09:03:46 ET

yeh i copuld do that. meh.

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