2004-08-12 10:31:38 ET

i have been sick for over 2 weeks now i do belive.

whut is wrong i hate this. i think its finally coming up but i dunno.


any fast healing techniques i shud kno about?

2004-08-12 10:46:42 ET

Maybe you should see a doctor?

2004-08-12 15:07:11 ET

yeh well it turns out my big weekend plan is caput unless i find a ride tomorrow.

2004-08-12 23:53:10 ET

how is your iron and B12 intake? it might be the problem, because your immunity to illness is less when you're iron and B12 deficient so you get sick much easier...

2004-08-13 10:24:17 ET

what food carris this?

2004-08-13 15:11:28 ET

red meats. almonds. spinach. that's all i can really remember for now.

2004-08-13 18:37:42 ET

i need to learn howe to eat right

is there such thing as nutritional school?

2004-08-13 18:41:46 ET

heheh, there might be.
maybe get a blood test and doctor will tell you what vitamins and minerals you are lacking in and what you have to add to your diet?

2004-08-13 18:46:24 ET

i have a annual physcial next month.

and i have gained alot of weight so ghe will have alot to say.

but i am goin to start working out 5-6 days a week after i get rid of this cold.

2004-08-13 19:30:53 ET

orange juice, chicken soup, lots of juice!!

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