2002-07-12 10:24:35 ET

so here i am thinking i have the flu.

i dunno i feel hot n sickies.

but i am getting myself prepared for yet another drug binge filled weekend.

the units are away at the cabin.

so i shall sit here and invite some ppl over perhaps.

yummmy. i missed my "ice" cubes.

i also am waiting to fix my comp so i cvan get a new acc.

thats all for now.

gawd i am boring.

2002-07-12 19:31:33 ET

'sokay, i'm really fuckin boring...we should make a club....although id probably be to lazy to start it....or would that be too stoned?...i dunno....*cough*

2002-07-12 20:25:28 ET

hahaha me too.

too high to think.

all i can think of is crazy haikus.

you in alaksa now?

2002-07-12 20:26:42 ET

no, in phoenix.

2002-07-12 20:55:45 ET



you are from alaska tho right?

2002-07-12 21:04:32 ET

yup, i'm just in phoenix for school....grew up in anchorage, where are you from again?....i'm sure you told me...but i'm horrible at remembering that stuff :\

2002-07-12 21:30:43 ET

whitehorse, yukon mah dear.

2002-07-13 09:14:29 ET

oh, ok...i've driven through there....

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